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Your Struggling Student Can Become a
Confident Learner!




Reading | Dyslexia | Writing | Math

Orton-Gillingham is a multi-sensory and explicit instructional approach to teach students having difficulties with reading (decoding), spelling and writing associated with dyslexia

In my experience, once roadblocks are identified that have been creating challenges for years, easy wins start to build confidence and a brand new path!

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” 
Frederick Douglass


Organization | Time Management | Learning Strategies |
College Selection & Essay

Children are faced with educational demands they are not developmentally ready for resulting in a downward spiral of frustration & self doubt in learning & social experiences...just to name a few. 

These students need to work step by step to gain quick wins from the start at their own pace to build confidence. 

My passion is helping all students find their path including:

Struggling Reader • Special Needs • Master Procrastinator •  Dyslexic  

Slow Processor • Easily Overloaded • Learning Challenges • Unorganized  Unmotivated •  ADD/ADHD

“It is not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”
-Albert Einstein


As a learning expert with processing challenges, Dr. Julie Flad-Leto has a unique ability to decode what struggling learners need while partnering with adults to successfully execute a custom plan.

An educational psychologist, Dr. Julie creates environments in which every child is capable of success despite the circumstances or challenges they’ve experienced. 

She does this by creating programs and systems that are actionable, positive and that get results – for families and for organizations.   read more >

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I truly believe that what we see depends mainly on what we look for.  If we search for labels to fit children or focus on the reasons why they fail, we will discover the deficiencies. Constant negative focus creates a situation in which the child questions his/her own worth, and their confidence is diminished decreasing motivation and mental effort applied toward tasks. This is an approach that simply does not work. Solutions don’t come from asking “what is wrong with my child,” rather we need to explore answers to the question: “how can I create an environment in which my child can succeed.”    read more >


Dr. Julie creates programs that work – for organizations and, most importantly, for the children they serve. 

She has worked with school districts, community organizations and corporations to create, train, facilitate and replicate programs that give children belief in their abilities, improve their social and academic performance, and increase their self-management skills.   read more >


If you are seeking expert support to put child in best position to live up to his/her learning potential while building confidence-let's chat.


From Dyslexia Tutoring to Project Based  Coaching for Teens, I look forward to connecting to discuss next steps for your family. 

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