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Dr. Julie smiling in a maroon jacket

An educational psychologist, Dr. Julie Flad-Leto creates environments in which every child is capable of success despite what they look like, where they come from and what challenges they’ve experienced. 

She does this by creating programs and systems that are actionable, positive and that get results – for families and for organizations. 

She began this work early in life when her first grade teacher gave her the responsibility of assisting the most challenging student in class. She helped him focus his energy enough to receive attention for the positive rather than the negative behaviors. Her belief in the capability of each child served her well then and now. 

Dr. Julie is an expert in cognitive load – how our brains handle quantities of input - an area more important than ever in our hyper-connected, always-on, electronic world. 

Both a strong ideator and organizer, Dr. Julie has created countless workshops, systems and programs for children and for those who support children, from teachers to parent volunteers to mentors. 

This includes everything from modeling how parents can support children as they learn to read; to teaching children how to mentor their younger peers; to honing a teacher’s vision into an actionable, streamlined curriculum and student plan. 

Dr. Julie also offers private coaching for parents, many of whom have spent thousands of dollars on specialists and still find their children struggling. 

Unlike many child development experts, Dr. Julie doesn’t focus so much on the what or the why, but gets directly into how to make immediate and lasting change for long-term family success. Underlying it all is her belief in the capability of every child. 

One of the great joys of Dr. Julie’s life is to create collaboratively with others who believe in the potential of children. 

Dr. Julie received her Master’s and PhD in Educational Psychology from USC with an emphasis on cognition, motivation and instructional design. She is also Orton-Gillingham trained specifically to support Dyslexic students of all ages. 


I love connecting with parents who are ready to take action and invest in becoming a high performing family....which means letting each child develop at their own pace.

If you are ready to learn how you hold the keys to the ultimate solution for your family...even if you are the only one doing the work, let's chat!

Complete the form to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call.  I look forward to connecting to determine next steps for your family. 

*If you are not ready for this work, I will give you suggestions to move forward.  

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