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"I love that she checks in on us to talk about the struggles and the successes of the week. The advice she gives is invaluable. She is dedicated to her clients, and her continued support allows for continued success. I am forever grateful to Dr. Julie for helping me become the parent I always wanted to be. Through hard work and perseverance, I can now spend more quality time with my children. "

Elizabeth D.

Pasadena-area Parent 

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artwork by: Isabella Flad

Boy and girl teens smiling and hudled together

"I call her the Child Whisperer. She’s like Super Woman. She swoops in for a crying child, she is the first call for a teacher in need, she is the parent calmer, and she loves and believes in every child. "

Jacqueline Butler

Now Confident Parent of 2 Teens 

"Dr. Julie has the real-world experience needed to build individual customized plans that work in the real world, not just the day of the test or just to get through a grade level. We received lasting effective strategies that will work for a lifetime when my daughter was a 4th grader.


Now she is a well-rounded, productive, happy sophomore. Those middle school years can make or break a student mentally – it’s a mine field for both parent and child. The skills we learned helped the transition from successful elementary to thriving high school student. "

Michelle Shipton Cook

Mom of a happy, productive 10th grader 

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artwork by: Rosie Harris

"Dr. Julie is phenomenal! She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and insightful when working with students who need extra support. When our son was having difficulties, I was amazed at her ability to look at our situation holistically, while at the same time offering specific and detailed strategies to approach school, academic and home situations. She was incredibly helpful to our family!"

Deborah Symons-Galasi 

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artwork by: Remy Gaskell

"After talking with Dr. Julie when my daughter was in 4th grade, I become more relaxed & actually began to enjoy doing homework with my daughter. Dr. Julie gave me tools to help me allow my child to grow at her own speed. It was helpful to talk with Dr. Julie about the emotional aspect to learning. My child began doing fantastic in school, and I wasn’t frustrated with her homework. She is currently in 7th grade and has adjusted very well to Middle School."

Beth Teran

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middle school boy reading with an open book in a library high fiving a woman in a red dress

At the heart of Dr. Julie's expertise to facilitate and enhance family communication and functioning is an uncompromising rule to "set up for success". Dr. Julie's close communication with me in difficult situations in such a short amount of time moved us to a happy place. 

Susan M.

Mother of two teens


I love connecting with parents who are ready to take action and invest in becoming a high performing family....which means letting each child develop at their own pace.

If you are ready to learn how you hold the keys to the ultimate solution for your family...even if you are the only one doing the work, let's chat!

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I look forward to connecting to determine next steps for your family. 

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