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Dr. Julie reading to a class of 2nd graders

"Julie is not just aware of academic research on education, but has a lifetime of practice in the field and under some of the most challenging circumstances. You can rely on her taking the time to access your questions and give you the best advice possible. “

Linda Gerber

Non-Profit Management Professional &

University of Boise Program Coordinator 

“She has an ability to work with what she is given and to improvise and make the most out of whatever limitations are placed on the situation. “

Carson Smith

Director of Community Outreach


charcoal of a green heart wth a pink wave and a light blue background

artwork by: Isabella Flad

“Julie always keeps the human element at the forefront: it is the people who matter most. She is also organized, thorough and communicative. She anticipates practical details that need attention that others might overlook or gloss over, and truly strives for a job well done in every aspect for which she has responsibility. “

Helen Hill

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Pasadena Unified School District 

colorful hand painted tiles on a cinder block wall

artwork by: Legacy Art Students of
Patrice Yocum & Cathy Imoff Sierra Madre Middle School

“She’s smart, focused,

incredibly intelligent and

always prepared.” 

Yvette Ulloa

International Marketing Director

World Ventures 

& International Speaker and Author

water color of bright red tie die on a blue background

artwork by: Amelia Leto

artwork by: Amelia Leto


I love connecting with parents who are ready to take action and invest in becoming a high performing family....and the organizations supporting them.

If you serve families ready to learn how they hold the keys to the ultimate solution for their family...even if they are the only one doing the work, let's chat!

Complete the form to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call.  I look forward to connecting to determine next steps for your organization.

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