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Dr. Julie creates programs that work – for organizations and, most importantly, for the children they serve. 

She has worked with school districts, community organizations and corporations to create, train, facilitate and replicate programs that give children belief in their abilities, improve their social and academic performance, and increase their self-management skills. 

Grant money for programs such as these often goes unspent. Click the programs below and find out what Dr. Julie can do to help you meet the goals of your organization. 



For mentors of all ages, Dr. Julie can help with: 

  • Recruiting 

  • Program branding 

  • Training mentors and development of related materials 

  • Training/coaching staff 

  • Orientation of mentors and students, and development of related materials 

  • Activity/session structure and development of related materials 

  • Creating a system for matching mentor with mentee 

  • Appreciation methods 

  • Feedback from participants 

  • Evaluation 



Whether your students are high-performing, high-risk or special needs, Dr. Julie can create programs to not just enrich but also improve social and academic performance. 

  • Gather support from stakeholders and community 

  • Design and/or set up space 

  • Program Branding 

  • Training/coaching staff 

  • Service delivery design 

  • Program evaluation 

  • Integrate and plan public viewing/photo opportunities 

  • Create systems for registration/orientation and development of related materials 



Dr. Julie works with you collaboratively to design or implement systems for corporate, senior, community and service organizations volunteers including: 

  • Orientation of volunteers and development of related materials 

  • Creating systems for matching volunteers with tasks 

  • Program branding 

  • Training volunteers 

  • Training/coaching staff 

  • Sessions structure 

  • Program evaluation 

  • Appreciation methods 


State standards expect more than many students are developmentally ready for, which usually results in negative outcomes for students. Dr. Julie can help by creating a custom system to assess literacy strengths of your students and specific actions for improvement. 




Take a teacher’s vision and expertise, a student’s need for supportive environmental elements and a parent’s need for just enough information to support but not too much to be tempted to micro manage. The result is a science project or other subject curriculum and information packet that makes this a better experience for everyone. 

This may include: 

  • Collaborate with teachers/ instructors to assess objectives and parameters.

  • Design materials to optimize learning outcomes for students of various proficiency levels 

  • Create deadlines and benchmarks to support student success 

  • Training to assist families with project planning, transferable to other areas in school and life 

  • Create documents for parents and students to support curriculum and scheduling 


Dr. Julie’s parent education programs help parents gain trust in their own abilities to set boundaries and support their child with practical, actionable advice they can implement immediately. 

Click here to see a sample of Dr. Julie’s Parent workshops.


I love connecting with parents who are ready to take action and invest in becoming a high performing family....and the organizations supporting them.

If you serve families ready to learn how they hold the keys to the ultimate solution for their family...even if they are the only one doing the work, let's chat!

Complete the form to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call.  I look forward to connecting to determine next steps for your organization.

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