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Your Struggling Learner Can Become a
Confident Student!

Coaching & Workshops to help your child succeed in school–and life

Reading Intervention •  Dyslexia Support 

Expert Perspective
Immediate Results
Backed by Science

It's painful watching your child struggle to learn and read


Is your child falling behind in school (or showing early warning signs)? It can be scary and overwhelming not knowing how to help. I meet so many parents who wonder if they’re doing something wrong or setting their kids up for failure. 


You may be concerned that your child isn’t picking up reading as quickly as peers or siblings. Seeing other children discover the joy of reading or progressing with little effort can feel daunting. Or you may be pulling out your hair looking for help with:

  • Understanding what is causing the challenges

  • What can be done to help improve her reading

  • How my child can regain his confidence and enjoy learning again.

Our children face educational demands they’re not developmentally ready to handle. This can lead to a downward spiral of frustration and self-doubt in learning and social experiences. The pressure created by often well intentioned schools and parents can make this situation worse.

By tackling these issues early, you can champion your child's reading journey and give your child their best chance at future success.

Teacher and Pupil

Do these thoughts keep you up at night?

  • Why doesn't my child read as well as her peers?

  • Will my child ever read independently without tears?

  • Why is homework and reading always such a battle?

  • Why aren’t the techniques recommended by the teacher working?

Happy Childhood

This time can be different

Working with someone who understands your child's thinking systems and knows how to apply the right techniques is often the missing link for success.

Even if you feel like nothing has worked, and maybe nothing ever will, know that this time can be different!


Dr. Julie brings a unique combination of perspectives to break barriers to your child’s success. 30+ years of experience as a K-12 educator, researcher, program administrator, community organizer and a parent allows her to reframe a situation to benefit the student where others see repeated defeat. 


Our methods are collaborative, adaptive, and out of the box. We see the potential in each child and meet them right where they prior testing or background information required. We take a strategic approach, grounded in motivation principles, that leads to quick wins and a new sense of confidence for students and parents.

Research & Evidence Based

The strategies and methods we use are evidence-based and time-tested. Dr. Julie is an expert in cognitive load – how our brains process input. It’s an area more important than ever in our hyper-connected, always-on world, where we need tools and systems to manage constant overload.


Hi, I'm Dr. Julie

Over more than 30 years, I’ve partnered with professionals and most importantly parents to create the right environments to build confident, capable kids.

I am an Orton Gillingham Certified Practitioner, Educational Psychologist and Family Coach.  Parents find my experienced approach unique and responsive.  Focusing on existing strengths and creating quick wins build confidence every step of the way. 


Every Parent can be key to this process with the right perspective and tools. My strategic approach is always child-centric and designed to help kids succeed not only in school, but in life.

Mother and Daughter Hugging

Take the Struggle Out of Learning



Help is here. Even if you’ve tried many solutions, there IS skilled and experienced support here for you and your family. You can be part of the solution by getting your child on the right path now despite past failures.



Complete the contact form so we can determine if we are a good match to work together. No need to spend time recounting the whole messy story–we’ll start where they are to rebuild your child’s confidence FAST.



With Dr. Julie’s support, your child will create quick wins in reading and learning. You can gain more tools to enhance your child’s success and your own sanity by receiving expert input along the way.

How It Works
Image by Skylar Jay

Help your child get on the path to confident reading

 We combine evidence-based techniques with decades of first-hand experience to provide what your child needs NOW.

Reading Intervention /
Dyslexia Support

Dr. Julie is a certified practitioner in the powerful Orton-Gillingham (Structured Literacy) approach to reading. First we identify the roadblocks that have been creating challenges for years. Then easy wins build confidence and a brand new path to a lifelong love of learning.


Students and parents need positive experiences and supportive communities

to build long-term learning success.

Through in-person and virtual workshops, Dr. Julie will get you on the right track for you and your child.


What Parents Like You Are Saying
About Dr. Julie

Most of our new clients are referrals — people love spreading the word about how we’ve changed their lives.


“We received lasting effective strategies that will work for a lifetime when my daughter was a 4th grader. Now she is a well-rounded, productive, happy sophomore. Those middle school years can make or break a student mentally – it’s a minefield for both parent and child. The skills we learned helped the transition from successful elementary to thriving high school student."

Michelle Shipton Cook

Mom of a happy, productive 10th grader

“At the heart of Dr. Julie's expertise to facilitate and enhance family communication and functioning is an uncompromising rule to "set up for success". Dr. Julie's close communication with me in difficult situations in such a short amount of time moved us to a happy place. "

Susan M.

Mother of two teens


“I am forever grateful to Dr. Julie for helping me become the parent I always wanted to be. Through hard work and perseverance, I can now spend more quality time with my children."

Elizabeth D.

Pasadena-area Parent

“I become more relaxed & actually began to enjoy doing homework with my daughter. Dr. Julie gave me tools to help me allow my child to grow at her own speed. It was helpful to talk with Dr. Julie about the emotional aspect to learning. My child began doing fantastic in school, and I wasn’t frustrated with her homework.”

Beth Teran



"Dr. Julie is phenomenal! She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and insightful when working with students who need extra support. When our son was having difficulties, I was amazed at her ability to look at our situation holistically, while at the same time offering specific and detailed strategies to approach school, academic and home situations. She was incredibly helpful to our family!"

Deborah Symons-Galasi 


What Other Professionals Say

"Julie is not just aware of academic research on education, but has a lifetime of practice in the field and under some of the most challenging circumstances. You can rely on her taking the time to access your questions and give you the best advice possible."

Linda Gerber

Non-Profit Management Professional & University of Boise Program Coordinator

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